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My December

* A sad start to the month, my boss moved on to pastures new - however on the positive side we went out for dinner and i had the most amazing pizza at the The Lord Nelson in Oakham. After much deliberating i settled on their signature pizza which includes duck and hoisin sauce, a bit like duck pancakes on a pizza. Sounds like an odd combination but if you are ever around Oakham it is worth a visit. * One of my favourite traditions, putting up the Christmas tree with assistance from the cat who likes to be in charge of baubles! One small problem this year, my fairy lights died so i have to improvise with my Ikea heart lights. * A true sign that the festive period has begun - homemade mince pies YUM. * My dress for Xmas Eve, a little Topshop number with some subtle sparkle. I fell in love with this print when i first saw it used on a midi skirt, however it was a rather un-flattering length on me so i was very happy to see this mini dress version appear on the website - the perfect mix of comfort and sparkle with jersey top and underlay and a printed tulle skirt. Delivered in the usual gorgeous Topshop packaging.  * I finally had to retire my slippers after 3 years due to a rather large hole. I found these in my local Sainsbury's and they are the perfect replacement. * A must have pair of earrings - Pinterest is a great source for individual pieces. Now to track them down! * My new slippers have become a favourite cuddle buddy for Willow and i regularly have to fight her for them, but who could resist this adorable face.

* Sharing my love of all things 1920's and in particular the fashion, if you haven't already check out my post on Gatsby Glamour and see how you too can become a flapper girl. * Another little gem from Pinterest - a great mantra plus i am a little obsessed with this colour palette of black/white/gold at the moment, very Kate Spade inspired. * Bobble in a box, as usual anytime a box appears in my house Willow is usually in it within a few seconds, this one was no acception. * A small pre-Christmas shopping trip intended for rounding up the remaining gifts however turned into an ME trip - i knew an un-attended trip to Waterstones would be bad, as I cant leave that shop without at least 1 book, especially as they now have such a good fashion section. This time i went for The Vogue Factor a candid account of behind the scenes of Australian Vogue and In my Shoes the memoirs of Jimmy Choo legend Tamara Mellon. * On this same trip i also couldn't resist this beautiful necklace from New Look - a piece that really reminds me of some J Crew pieces, and a fab bargain at only £7.99. 
* Northampton town has excelled itself this year with decorations and these beautiful trees of light are a great addition to the shopping centre, a simple yet chic approach. * Not one to resist a bargain i simply had to have this Soap and Glory Yule Monty vanity case and goodies, that was on special offer at £27 down from £60 in Boots, especially since my favourite mascara included inside is £10 on its own. Loving all the products inside especially the Butter yourself body butter, plus the case is designed by Johnathan Saunders (Willow's pink box was inside). * A few make up purchases from H&M, BB cream brush, eye shadow brush and neutrals set - not bad for £13!

* Another cute shot of Willow, hiding from the world with only a purr giving away her location. 
* My Christmas eve outfit, off to work before heading home to family. Loving the Topshop dress and smartened up for the office with my blazer. * Such a lucky girl - vouchers to spend, from Accessorize, New Look and Next. * My mum knows me so well - artwork for my new house and a beautiful kitty cushion. Perfect pastel additions to my love of interior design. * So the Accessorize vouchers didn't last long! This clear perspex and jewelled necklace called out to me and screamed perfect for spring and the tartan scarf is something i have been thinking about since i saw it in October, so very chuffed to find it in the Northampton store especially as it was the last one left. * OOTD for my last working day of 2013 - ASOS dress, H&M biker jacket, my new tartan scarf and my Mulberry Roxanne.

So that was 2013! A year of many ups and downs - here is to a bright 2014, which is already shaping up to be a good year. My little sisters wedding in September and moving into our new house in July (finally took the plunge and bought!) which will be so exciting.

Happy New Year to all xx

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  1. Love the Cinderella artwork! Congrats to you both on buying your first house! :)


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