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A while ago i saw an instagram post from of her new Tatty Devine Charm necklace and instantly fell in love and have been trawling the web waiting for news of where i could buy one from as they were not showing on the actual Tatty Devine website. Finally an event appeared on the brand's social media network promoting a pop up shop in Birmingham Selfridges, where i could create my own - i had to schedule a visit, even booked a day off work that's how excited i was to design my own!

My obsession with Tatty devine started when I was still at Uni - I was lucky enough to do a month of work experience in the Brick lane workshop/store as it was back then. That month was one of the most expensive of my life as constantly being surrounded by jewellery was too much! Ever since then I am so excited each season to see what new pieces the team have come up with and just how unusual they will go. I have pieces varying from necklaces of fawn's and unicorns to music note earrings, from tape measure brooches to my gorgeous original name necklace - so many Tatty pieces make up a large proportion of my jewellery box - a taster below.

I was wandering around Selfridges for a while before i finally found the pop up shop. It then took me 10 mins to decide on which charms i  wanted on my necklace - too many cute options (plus had the lovely sales lady laughing at me as my sister and her fiance were talking wedding details at me as i was off in my own little world debating my options).

So in the end i went for a silver chain necklace with the following charms:
Shoe - to represent that I am an assistant buyer for footwear and my obsession with shoes. This had to be red glitter in honor of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers in the Wizard of Oz.
Glasses - as I am a glasses wearer and proud of it and glitter because i love a bit of sparkle.
Heart - because it is my favourite symbol, i am always doodling hearts and of course it just has to be pink as that is my favourite colour.

With 11 charms, in 12 colours to choose from i could have been there all day deciding. Defiantly something for everyone - the only charm i had hoped would be there were the lips i saw on the original instagram post but i love the charms i chose.


♥ Bracelets - 5 charms £30, 10 charms £40 and 15 charms £50.
♥ Necklace - 1 charm £18, 3 charms £25 and 5 charms £35.

As the pop up shop is in Birmingham until Christmas Eve i may have to pay another visit and pick up a match charm bracelet! 

Have you been and created your own Tatty Devine charm jewellery? If so please send me some pics, would love to see what combinations others have come up with.

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